Find a Good Plumber In London

It is safe to assume that from time to time we have all heard of horror stories about cowboy plumbers who swan into the homes of the vulnerable and spend three minutes changing a dodgy washer before presenting them with a very large bill.

We must emphasise it is certainly NOT the case for all plumbers and the majority are NOT con artists. It is fact that there is a shortage of skilled professionals within the plumbing trade. Which in turn, has left the plumber market open to 'The Cowboys', leaving the reputation of the plumbing trade in tatters. If your boiler's broken down or your pipes have burst and you're ankle-deep in water, how can you make sure the person who comes round to fix it is capable of doing the job?

It goes without saying that a recommendation is the best route, but with good plumbers so hard to come by, these recommendations maybe few and far between.

If you have the time to search. The Institute of Plumbing, a registered educational charity has a directory of registered plumbers that is searchable by postcode. Or you could look for listings on trusted community sites our selves or use Google and read the reviews from other locals.

Found a few? Great! Once you have the numbers, start calling people up. We recommend that you use this point of contact as a filtering system by following a few tips below:

  • Find out how long they have been in business and whether they have premises.
  • Ask them for references.
  • Find out whether they have insurance to cover your property.
  • Ask whether their work is guaranteed.

We hope you have found this article useful, please let us know your thoughts. We have used our own advice and found a few local plumbers and heating engineers in the local London area that we have checked and verified for you to use.

London Plumb Tec Review

We have recieved some great local reviews for London Plumb Tec who have completed some great plumbing work in the local Croydon area.

London Plumb Tec John Sweeting Geat Work

I could not be happier with the boiler repair work recently carried out by the great plumbers at London Plumb Tec, affordable, turned up on time, did the work in no time. Job Done, Great Work! By John Sweeting

Job completed by the local plumbers at, want to know more? Find them on Google + 5/5